Leeds nostalgia: Take a drive down memory lane

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How times have changed, as this image, the first in a new series of ‘blended’ pictures, contrasting Leeds of the past with the city we know today, clearly shows.

The original picture (below, right), was taken at Bridge End on November 12, 1969, while the modern equivalent was taken just a few weeks ago. While the clothes people wear and cars they drive may have changed, many of the buildings remain.

The 'blended' picture. Below, Bridge End, Leeds on November 12, 1969.

The 'blended' picture. Below, Bridge End, Leeds on November 12, 1969.

Dr Kevin Grady, director of Leeds Civic Trust, the body in charge of promoting the history of the city, said: “The interesting thing is to see quite heavy traffic going down Hunslet Lane on the left, in the days when it went straight past Tetley’s head office and brewery.

“Two buses can be seen coming up Hunslet Lane. The council allowed Tetley’s to close off Hunslet Lane, I think in the late 1980s and this allowed them to consolidate their site and build warehouses on the land between Meadow Lane and Hunslet Lane just beyond Salem Chapel.

“In the picture you can just make out in the distance the buildings on the right hand side of Hunslet Lane that were demolished for the purpose. As it has turned out, this was yet another step in turning Hunslet south of the river into a hostile no man’s land dominated by huge road without a human scale. Now Leeds City College and the College of Building have established their new building on Hunslet Road, this lost link through to their part of Hunslet Road needs to be renewed. Leeds Sustainable Development Group have produced a plan to create ‘the Hunslet Stray which would be a new green pedestrian corridor along the line this former line of Hunslet Lane from Bridge End. It would be a great improvement.”

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