Leeds nostalgia: Supermarket shopping from yesteryear

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In 2015 we find ourselves in the middle of what might be called a “supermarket war” as the different chains fight for our affections. Back in the 60s and 70s things were somewhat simpler.

For one thing the idea of a supermarket was relatively new and our photographs show that these places looked more like can, bottle and tin warehouses rather than shops.

MARCH 1966: A supermarket in Whitkirk, Leeds.

MARCH 1966: A supermarket in Whitkirk, Leeds.


A man checked out with a mini-trolley in 1966 and our view from 1977 is a scene of complete tranquillity.

Totally different from the stampedes that we so often see today.

In 1964 this woman reached up to the top shelf to select a pre-decimalisation tin of condensed milk. Over fifty years later we are still doing much the same thing but the competition to pull us in has become much fiercer.