Leeds nostalgia: Storm of protest over rash of satellite TV dishes in 1994

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All across Leeds - and the country as a whole - people were moaning about the visual impact of satellite TV dishes, as more and more people chose to access the paid-for service.

The rash of technological paraphernalia even saw some councils attempt to ban them from rented properties, as they did with one Leeds resident who lived in a high rise flat.

Disabled John Hooks, who splashed out £1,000 on his bespoke satellite system four years earlier, was adamant he was keeping it up, declaring: “There is no way I’m taking it down. If they want it removed, they are going to have to get a court order.”

The 61-year-old, who had lived in the flat at Brignall Croft, Burmantofts, for 18 years, declared himself a TV addict and said it was one of his main forms of entertainment, after suffering several debilitating health conditions.

He added: “Am I a second class citizen because I live in a council property? I am not going to stand for it.”

Leeds Council confirmed it’s planning policy did not allow for satellite dishes to be placed on high rise buildings used as dwellings.