Leeds nostalgia: Spate of thefts in Leeds

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SEVENTY years ago on this day, it was reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post that new measures were being introduced on the nation’s railways in a bid to prevent postal thefts.

The move followed a spate of such crimes but with Christmas approaching mail authorities were keen to do all they could to deter would-be thieves looking for an easy steal.

It was confirmed that in Leeds, so-called ‘through vans’ would be used to ensure that no mail was left lying around on station railway station platforms.

“Vans will be locked and secured in such a way and watched so carefully that they will be as secure as human endeavour can make them,” said the YEP report.

In other news, on the Wyther Park Estate, Leeds, a thief had a field day (or should that be ‘night’) after breaking into several houses in the small hours.

In one house, he even helped himself to some bananas and meat.

One of the houses belonged to Mrs Ibbetson Fowler. The thief gained entry via a coal grate and made off with money, two cigarette lighters, an identity card and clothing booklet. Among the money was £7 10s, belonging to the Ancient Order of Foresters.

Mr Fowler said: “The thief must have been hungry. He helped himself to bananas and went off with a tin of Spam.” He added the break-in had taken place after they had all gone to bed about 1.30am.

Five other houses on the same estate were burgled in a similar manner on the same night, the thief getting in via the coalgate. He took cigarettes and lighters, a gold pendulum clock and even stole a little girl’s spending money from a cardigan pocket.