Leeds nostalgia: Snow in March in 1990 - weather confounds drivers as they try in vain to go about business as usual

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Climate change was not even a glint in Al Gore’s eye back in 1990 but that didn’t stop the weather acting up, as it did its best to confound and confuddle by covering much of the North of England in heavy snow.

This, in turn, brought traffic chaos to the region as lots of people stupidly decided to try and go about their business as usual.

This, in turn, saw some “experts” blaming snarl-ups (journalese for ‘traffic jam’), on “inconsiderate drivers”.

Bother those inconsiderate drivers.

The YEP noted journeys which would ordinarily have taken minutes were taking several hours, with many roads jammed by cars which were bumper to bumper.

Travelling from the city centre to Seacroft took 90 minutes, to Harrogate took three hours and to Bradford took two hours.