Leeds nostalgia slideshow: The way we used to live

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Black buildings, amber lit misty streets and long forgotten Church spires. Cobbled streets worn down by generations of hob nailed boots and iron wheels.

Painted billboards and adverts that were gradually eroded away by the sulphurous atmosphere or that disappeared overnight when the walls that displayed them were simply knocked down.

Panorama of Armley streets and bus station in 1962.

Panorama of Armley streets and bus station in 1962.

Some of these dwelling places are still with us but during the 1960s and 70s much of this housing from the great industrial age was reduced to dust.

The replacements were often buildings that were taller, paler and angular.

Eventually, many of these proved less impervious to the ravages of the Leeds elements than their predecessors and in time these too became just memories.

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