Leeds nostalgia: September 1983: Pants shop in Horsforth

Horsforth, 28th September 1983''Pants Corner shop.
Horsforth, 28th September 1983''Pants Corner shop.
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Yes, there was actually a shop in Horsforth called Pants Corner back in September 1983.

The shop, pictured, sold casual wear and featured a number of fetching outfits in its window display.

In other news, a double-decker bus had its top deck sliced clean off when its driver tried to take it under the bridge on Amberley Road, Armley.No-one was injured during the incident, which happened on Saturday September 10 just after midnight. However, one commentator said they had become to used to large vehicles striking the bridge they no longer considered it unusual.

According to other sources, signs to warn people of the low bridge had been repeatedly vandalised.

Finally, Yorkshire Water lifted a hosepipe ban which had been in place since August.