Leeds nostalgia: September 1947: The case of the missing trousers

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Two tales to make you chuckle this week, both culled from the pages of the Yorkshire Evening Post in August 1947.

lThe first relates a burglary in which a man woke to find his wallet - and trousers - gone. The headline read ‘Rude Awakening for Mr B - Someone Took £10 - and His Trousers’.

The victim, a Mr B Bransberg, of Stainbeck Road, Leeds, went to bed as per usual but was woken by noises during the night.

Upon going to investigate, he found his trousers at the bottom of the steps but, in his recently awakened state, thought nothing of it.

It was only when he returned to bed that he began to puzzle over how his trousers had made it to the bottom of his steps all by themselves.

They hadn’t, of course, as he discovered when he got back up to have a second look, at which point he found his back door wide open and a wallet, containing £10 gone.

Another story concerns a butcher, Mr A Masser, who found himself in front of magistrates charged with the illegal possession of pork.

He worked for Albert Benson butchers of Canal Lane, Stanley and was found to have slaughtered a pig without permission.

In his defence, he said the animal had been given to his daughter as a pet and he had slaughtered it to feed his customers. Magistrates took a dim view of the whole affair - especially at a time of rationing - and fined him £10, with three guineas costs. The pig meat was given over to the Ministry of Food.

As a parting shot, the chief magistrate told him: “You will be grieved to hear that this lovely pork pig has been made into sausages.”