Leeds nostalgia: Roman coins discovered from 306AD

11 february 2016 .......          Rik Jones from Rodley out with his metal detector. Picture Tony Johnson
11 february 2016 ....... Rik Jones from Rodley out with his metal detector. Picture Tony Johnson
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Metal detetectorist Rik Jones, head chef at Devonshire Hall, part of the University of Leeds, tells us how he came across some Roman remains...

Quite a few years ago I was fortunate to get permission to search some land in Tadcaster close to the A1. The history in this area is great as lots of Roman and Medieval finds have been recorded.

I first searched an old horse paddock as there where crops on the fields and the grass was way to long to get anything, so we agreed to come back when the crops where off. Before I set off I scanned Google Earth to see if there where any old paths to start my search.

I soon got lots of signals but mostly where scrappy bits of lead and the odd worn copper coin. Then i noticed the land dipped down and as soon as I got there I had a nice crisp two way signal in my ear phones, I dug a hole and was delighted to find a third century roman bronze coin. I carried on in the area and managed to recover a small Roman brooch and nine Roman coins.

The finds I have recovered sometimes on my own or with friends have been a mixture of Celtic, Roman and Medieval but hardly anything modern, so shows the site must have been very busy years ago. I have 130 Roman coins getting recorded at the British Musuem by their Roman expert. Also found and recorded have been, lots of roman brooches in different designs, plus silver denarius, medieval hammered silver plus lots of different artifacts.

The most suprising thing was the majority of coins came from Emporer Constantine the Great. He ruled from the years 306 to 337AD.

This really is an amazing hobby and not only do you get exercise and fresh air, you also get to learn about the history of our British Isles.

If you have any land you would like searching, please email Rik on rikpj72@live.co.uk