Leeds nostalgia: Rocking through the ages

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The sixties and seventies were an unprecedented era of musical creativity and the local bands of Leeds couldn’t resist getting in on the act.

Late Night Transport took their name from a sign hanging in a Leeds dance hall while Gentle Fire used everyday objects such as bicycle wheels and teaspoons to create their own particular brand of electronic music.

Late Night Transport.

Late Night Transport.

The Lloyds Bank Group from 1967 looked uncannily like the Monkees but craved individuality by shunning the trappings of the Hippy life that all other bands were indulging in.

The Gritt Group preferred their matching uniforms and Cuban heels in 1971 and the visiting Topless Ladybirds from Denmark managed to depart from their normal stage persona in 1969 by keeping their clothes ON for our photographer.

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