Leeds nostalgia: Reeling them in - historic fishing film

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This week’s featured film clip, available to view in full on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, is all to do with fishing.

UK tuna fishing began in 1929, and much of the early fishing occurred off the coast of Scarborough, Whitby, and Flamborough. It attracted many sport and commercial fishermen catching record numbers of fish.


The film documents a sport fishing expedition and the catch of the day.

A group of sport fishers, four men and one woman, are out in a small motor boat in the middle of the sea.

They are shown fishing for tuna off the side of the boat with small pieces of bait. The fish can be seen near the side of the boat coming close to the surface of the ocean.

Under the title ‘Bamboo Pole for Holding up Bait’, two poles can be seen hanging over the side of a boat and the large fishing pole being controlled by the female sport fisher.

They manage to catch a large tuna and pull it close to the side of the boat. The fish tries to swim away, and a system of pulleys is needed in order to get the fish onto the deck of the larger fishing boat.

On the deck of the large fishing boat, the lady poses with two men next to the fish they have just caught.