Leeds nostalgia: Photographer takes picture a day during leap year in new book chronicling urban life

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We’re all used to picturesque images of the Yorkshire landscape but there’s a certain knack to capturing life in the urban sprawl but that is just what Yorkshire Evening Post photographer Tony Johnson has done with his book, 366.

He took a picture a day over a year, which gave him the title of the book, but surely then it should be 365?

He explains: “I took a picture a day for a year, starting on new years day 2016 and because it was a leap year there are 366 images, mainly in Leeds but also a number in Bradford and areas of Yorkshire.

“In late 2015 I bought a new camera, a Fuji X-pro 1, and wanted to find a good use for it. At the time a friend of mine was shooting his own 365 project and was half way through. On new year’s day, I did a portrait of my son with his skateboard, a Christmas present - I thought that could be the first shot of the project. To be honest, I didn’t expect the whole year to be as difficult as it was.

“All people are interesting and make interesting subjects. It’s what we shoot every day here at the YEP. I feel as though everyone takes photographs, on cameras, mainly phones in a digital format and I’m concerned that a great part of history, wether it be local, in communities or even family, will be lost as the shots will be accidently deleted or forgotten about, then destroyed.

“In years to come Id like to think somebody will look at the book and be reminded how we were, its amazing how our streets change subtlety in a short period of time.

“There’s so much we take for granted. A lot of the photos are quite humorous, I love the picture of the queen visiting Leeds Market.”

The limited edition is available only on pre-order by February 20, £40 including delivery (two copies for £60), from 01274 735056.