Leeds nostalgia: Park designers caught on film

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This week’s featured film clip, made by the Mercury Movie Makers, provides an insight into the many aspects of work of the Parks Department of Leeds Leisure Services.

The commentary explains that Leeds is one of Britain’s largest cities and industrial centres. The film shows the factories and the city streets of Leeds. The Civic Hall gardens are shown. The Department Offices are based inside the Civic Hall. There are many drawing boards where designers are creating plans for the many flower beds that the department looks after. Other workers are at desks working on plans for designs like these that take “more than just green fingers.” The designers are drawing up different plans which will be fulfilled by the gardeners. They can be seen making the design on the grass area in the park. A centrepiece floral display is designed around 1981 - International Year of Disabled People.

Another place that the council looks after is Lotherton Hall, a gift from the Gascoigne family for the people of Leeds. Attractions include a bird garden at which there are many children visiting to see birds such as parrots and flamingos. Improvement and development of all the parks and open spaces is a priority for the council.

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