Leeds Nostalgia: On the Buses

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Reg Varney and Bob Grant would have appreciated the days of clippies and Fare Stage signs that we see in this week’s nostalgia pictures.

Leeds had been on the buses and trolleybuses since just before the First World War and subsequently vehicles, staff and in particular, queues were photographed by Yorkshire Post Newspapers.

Of course, queuing for a bus is nothing new and the weather hasn’t got any better but in those days duffel and macintosh coated passengers had to cope without the protection of today’s Gortex and neoprene apparel.

Our main picture shows an immaculate Leeds Bus Station photographed from Quarry Hill flats in 1944. In the foreground citizens in a monstrous queue shuffle patiently towards awaiting vehicles while many of their loved ones would have been locked in a World War that would last little more than another year.

There was little escape from the atmosphere of the bus in those days. No earphones to plug in, no texts to read, no games to play.

Instead there was the rustling of newspapers the buzz of the clipping machine, and the smell of diesel, brylcreem and cigarettes.

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Leeds, Sweet street, 28th March 1979'LIGHTING'Mr. Eddie Mullan, a lift engineer at the City of Leeds Public Works Department, Sweet Street, gives a last polish to one of the four old gas lamps that are to be sent to Germany.

Leeds nostalgia: Bits of old Leeds sent to Germany... in 1979