Leeds nostalgia: Old, old people

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When we look at our picture of the good ladies at the Frazer House Home for the Elderly in 1958 we are seeing people who began their lives in an era that has long since disappeared from living memory.

Some of these women would have been babies when Disraeli was Prime Minister and would have been brought up in gas lit cobbled streets when Jack the Ripper was on the prowl.



The proud men from the Edwardian era pictured at Moorfield House in 1963 might well have served in the Boer War and would certainly have have seen a lifetime of terrible conflict, massive social change and revolutionary invention.

Leeds oldest resident in 1967 was Mrs Mary Anne Lindley.

At 105 she was only four years younger than Leeds Town Hall.

Living to ninety is commonplace nowadays but when former Bradford teacher Miss Rachel Urquahart reached 106 in 1972 it was a quite exceptional achievement.

Mrs Lily Costins enjoyed her independence in 1981 when at the age of 92 she received meals on wheel from the Leeds WRVS service.