Leeds nostalgia: Looking back at Otley

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Otley in 1947. A town freed from the bonds of the war effort and with a population adjusting to peacetime normality.

Our pictures reveal the bustling streets and market place when goods were still in short supply but morale must have been high. Gents in hats and brylcreme stroll along the pavements while hatted ladies browse for bargains.

AUGUST 1, 1947: Otley market place.

AUGUST 1, 1947: Otley market place.


There were only a few black cars parked outside the Yorkshire Post office and Timothy White’s cafe in an era devoid of congestion and pay and display.

Forward nearly twenty years to 1966 and the scene is not dissimilar.

Only car design and changing fashions betray the fact that the clock has turned forward.

1966: Market day in Otley.

1966: Market day in Otley.


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