Leeds nostalgia: life in 1950s Yorkshire

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This week’s film clip recommendation from the Yorkshire Film Archive website - www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com - was made by Lucy Fairbank.

The film documents her visits to tourist destinations in North Yorkshire including Aysgarth Falls and Brimham Rocks. She is accompanied by friends on these excursions.

Entitled Out and about in Yorkshire, the film opens with some women walking across a field where cows are grazing. They then cross over a river using stepping stones before making their way into a field with sheep. ere, the women pick flowers off a small tree.

Later in the film, in a clip from the 1950s, some men stack hay bales and an elderly couple and some children, accompanied by a small horse and dog, wander around the farm. They look on as whilst the wheat (or barley) is cut by a harvester. The group visits a detached house called Holly Bank. Apple trees have been planted on the property.

In a village a Pullman bus pulls up and there is a sign for the ‘Fox Goose.’ Some children ride by on bicycles and Alne Church can be seen. An elderly woman and a man with a dog chat outside the house. After walking though a garden filled with flowers, a small girl poses for the camera with the dog.

{To see the full clip, click here|http://www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com/film/out-and-about-yorkshire?destination=search%2Fapachesolr_search%2Fyorkshire%3Ffilters%3Dtype%253Ayfa_film%26highlight%3Dyorkshire%26mode%3Dquick%26solrsort%3Dscore%2520desc%252C%2520sis_cck_field_film_id%2520asc&highlight=yorkshire|Click here to see the film}