Leeds nostalgia: level crossing stgall drama

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On this day in 1943, two Leeds women had a brush with death after the car they were travelling in stalled on a level crossing near Temple Newsam.

The pair managed to get out before the train arrived but were in the process of trying to move the car when it struck.

One of the women, Lucy Ledgard, 46, of Hollin Lane, Leeds, who had been a passenger in the vehicle, was thrown to the ground and suffered a broken thigh and cuts to her legs, while the other lady was uninjured.

The incident happened on the Black Road near Waterloo Main Colliery - as can be seen in the picture, the car was a complete write-off.

In other news, Edsel Ford, president of the Ford Motor Company and sole heir to his millionaire father, died during the night. He was 49.

According to reports he had been ill for six weeks with undulant fever which developed following a stomach operation.

In the 1920s in New York, he was voted ‘best dressed man in America’ and in 1934, he took on bodyguards with machine guns after kidnap threats were made by two rival gangs.

He was married in 1916 and had four children and became vice president of Ford when he was 25.

Henry Ford, then 90, was said to be still living life “with all the vigour of a much younger man.”

Finally, returning to Temple Newsam and there was a dispute over a clover field, which was in danger of being dug up by the open cast mining operation.

Mr H N Walker, manager of the farm, protested after workers began stacking coal on the field, which he said would feed his cows for a week.

He also pointed out it was the only remaining clover field on the estate, following the beginning of mining.