Leeds nostalgia: Leeds and Wakefield men queue to join war effort in 1915

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One hundred years ago today...

The Yorkshire Evening Post carried the headline “Recruiting boom in Leeds. This week’s total the besst for a long time.”

It went on... Already the King’s stirring appeal has influenced recruiting Yorkshire. There was boom in Leeds to-day, reminiscent great rush of men to the colours September October twelve months ago.

From quite early in morning men were offering themselves at recruiting office in City Square, and times so many recruits gathered ins-do and outside the office that the big ‘recruiting stalls were almost “rushed off their feet.”

One of the sergeants [said] machinery for medically examining men and finally testing them worked very smoothly, although some of recruits had to wait an hour or so for their turn.

By ono o’clock, 81 men had been accepted and tested.... The daily average for the week has been about 75 and including morning’s figures 460 men have been accepted since Monday.

This afternoon’s return should bring’ the response for week to well over 5OO and this will best weekly total recorded for long time.

Many of to-day’s recruits have been just the class of men to whom His Majesty’s words would appeal with great force—intelligent and educated young men middle classes.

The recruits all round the type of men who make splendid soldiers; they both intelligent and of good physique.

Meanwhile, arrangements for the canvassing eligible men... will probably made in Leeds on Tuesday.

The Naval Recruiting Office in Leeds has now been transferred from Road to the more convenient office vacated tho Army recruiting staff at 58 Boar Lane.

There also an encouraging report from Wakefield. Over fifty men have enlisted there during the last two days and local officers are expecting to obtain another thirty today.