Leeds Nostalgia: Hitler plan to deport all men

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On this day in 1945, one of the German command’s most secret documents was recovered - it related to the planned Nazi invasion of Britain.

The Germans dubbed it ‘military administration of England’ and it was a red-bound book running to some 23 pages. It insinuated that Hitler had originally planned to complete the invasion of England in September 1940, just 14 weeks after Dunkirk.

England was to be transformed into the Third Reich’s main war workshop, turning out weapons for the battle with Russia.

One shocking aspect of the plan was to deport the entire male population between the ages of 17 and 45 to the Continent.

The blueprint was drawn up a year before Hitler invaded Russia.

Only 195 copies of the document were printed, 78 of those being distributed among the high command.

Severe punishments were to be meted out to anyone involved in sabotage, with the death penalty for anyone caught with a firearm.

Even the method of death was detailed - that being decapitation with an axe or guillotine and the death penalty would be applicable to all those under 18 years of age also.

Britain was to be divided into districts, governor by military commanders.

Also on this day new Prime Minister Clement Atlee was heading to Postdam to conclude talks over the future of Japan in a bid to bring the war to an end.

He was due to be accompanied on the trip by Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin.

On a lighter note, if you fancy testing your wits at a 1945 crossword puzzle from the Yorkshire Evening Post then one is reproduced above, along with the clues.