Leeds nostalgia: ‘Heaviest rainfall in 100 years’ on this day in 1946

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In these environmentally aware times, we tend to believe that we are the first generation to suffer extremes of weather but turn the clock back 70 years and one finds, on the front page of the Yorkshire Evening Post, a report with the headline ‘Heaviest Rain in 100 Years’.

The downpour was recorded at the meteorological station at the Yorkshire Museum, York on November 30.

It said that during the month 5.27 inches of rain had been recorded. The next highest recorded rainfall came in 1872, with 4.28 inches of rain. By all accounts, it was the wettest November in living memory, raining on all but four days.

By contract, according to the report, October had been exceptionally dry, with just 0.66 inches of rain recorded.

In Leeds, 5.675 inches of rain was recorded for the month, almost equal to the total set six years previous, of 6.89 inches.

The rainfall meant the postponement of the FA Cup tie between York City and Scunthorpe United. Large pools of water stood on the pitch.

In other news, an ex-Leeds serviceman who was dismissed by his employer for “smoking at work” was reinstsated, following an employment tribunal.

Albert Edward Vernon Law, of Victoria Crescent, Horsforth, was sacked from the Yorkshire Dyeware Chemical Company, of Lower Basinghall Street.

The company said he was in the habit of “going to the street door” to smoke once in the morning and once in the afternoon and also argued he had returned late from lunch.

However, the tribunal ruled he must be reinstated because his habit had gone unchallenged for at least six months. The company said it had not brought the matter up because they wanted to give the former soldier time to settle into the new job.