Leeds nostalgia: going back to school memories

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The photograph of Green Lane School pictured in the Yorkshire Evening Post on Saturday May 2 is not Green Lane School

Green Lane School was in a built up area which the picture is not, the school shown is a more modern school and there is no way that a picture of the roof could have been taken from that position .

Eric Procter, via email: eric.procter1@ntlworld.com

It was marvellous to see the recent photograph of Cross Flatts 1952 RL team (April 4). This was a few years before my time at the school (1963-68).

I wondered if the teacher was Mr Boules, who was the headmaster when I attended ten years later. He was probably in his 50s when I knew him.

Cross Flatts was a disciplined yet liberal and generally happy school. Although not strictly a ‘faith school’, there was an assembly with Bible readers and read hymns.

The Leeds playwright Alan Bennett said that when he goes to a church he knows the hymns because he absorbed them at school.

They stay with you for the rest of your life and furthermore the words become more meaningful.

You might not have understood them as a kid but further down the line you would; what you did appreciate was the great tunes.

Another thing I remember about Cross Flatts was this: as we went into assembly, a gramophone record would be playing a piece of classical music with the name of the piece chalked on a board at the front of the hall. The classroom displays were also very imaginative.

I think I learned more at Cross Flatts than at my secondary school. Fond memories and a great set of teachers.

We were also encouraged to read, a life-long habit well worth acquiring.

John Roberts, St Johns Court, Wakefield