Leeds nostalgia: fond memories of County Arcade

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Herewith a selection of your letters to Times Past...

Your article about County Arcade on March 30 brought back many memories for me. I worked in the arcade for 10 years from 1949-1959 at Ferrand Hairdressers. It was on the right hand side about three shops down. I have no photographs but I do remember so many shops there.

I understand Ferrands opened in 1900, when the arcade opened and only closed in 1959-1960. I remember the dolls hospital of course and a mass outfitters called Burras Peake. Further down on the left hand side was a woman’s lingerie shop selling the old fashioned corsets. On the short arcade into King Edward Street were two port butchers. one was Deadlove Addyman, that sold wonderful pork pies and potted meat.

Where I worked it was like having two shops in one with the hairdressers updstairs and downstairs we sold perfume, hair products and make-up in one part and leather goods in the other.

My immediate boss was Mr Sydney Ferrand and his brother William, who had a room upstairs where he used to see customers if they had a problem etc.

The years I was there were very happy, I have so many fond memories of the arcade.

Dorothy Firth, Lower Wortley, Leeds

I notice that on the subject of ‘Object of the Week’ (in last week’s Monday Retro) it is stated that the Leeds Coat of Arms dates from 1662: this is not so.

It is quite possibly a printing error because the proper date is 1626. My mother’s sister Kathleen was, at the time of the Tercentenary celebrations in 1926, 14 years old and a pupil at St Saviour’s C of E School.

The school was involved in a pageant and Auntie Kathleen was dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

Barbara Blakeney, via email: barbara.blakeney237@btinternet.com