Leeds nostalgia: First World War Yorkshire soldiers picture discovered

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Yorks and Lancs Regiment picture unearthed with full list of names

Please find attached photograph of the York and Lancashire Regiment taken in 1919.

I recently attended the Commemorative reburial of fifteen soldiers found in 2009 after some excavation work being carried out near to the village of Beauchamp Ligny France.

The soldiers were all killed on the 18th October 1914 and, after lots of investigation, eleven of the fifteen were proved by DNA analysis to be members of the York and Lancashire Reg.

They were reburied on the 22nd October 2014 almost 100 years to the day from their deaths.

I believe that one of the remaining four was my great uncle Wilfred Varley Young who was killed on that day and at that place.

I was speaking to a friend of mine and telling him the story of the visit to France and a few days later he brought a box for me to look at and inside was eight volumes of the War Illustrated.

This was a week by week record of the entire First World War. Also inside the box were a number of medals/medallions cap badges etc and a number of photographs.

A rolled up tube turned out to be a picture of the Hallamshire York and Lancs and as you will see it is unusual in that every soldiers name is shown. The picture is very clear and each soldier is easily recognisable.

These soldiers could be from anywhere in the Duchy of York or the Duchy of Lancaster and I know that some were from Leeds.

It may be that your readers could recognise a great grandfather, uncle etc from the picture and perhaps see a photograph of their ancestor they may never have seen.

The picture is in three parts [the middle part being shown above - the full picture will be shown next week].

I hope that this is of some interest to you.

John Young, via email: jahpyoung@sky.com