Leeds nostalgia: firemen in 1943 accident

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Four firemen had to be taken to hospital after their fire engine overturned as they travelled to a fire, it was reported this day in 1943.

The incident happened near the Woodpecker Inn, York Road. The fire truck had gone up Marsh Lane and turned into York Road, when the rear of the vehicle struck a tramway sign on the pavement. Some of the men jumped to safety, while others were flung off.

Mr H Wharton, an overseer who was working on the creation of a new nursery building close to the accident, witnessed the incident.

He said: “We rushed out to help them. Some of the firemen saved themselves by jumping and apparently were not hurt. I saw the back of the engine swing round as it turned from Marsh Street. I saw the accident coming before it happened.”

An ambulance was quickly on the scene to ferry the injured men to hospital.

The engine was on its way to a house in Welbeck Road, off York Road - once the accident had been reported, a second engine was sent from Park Street but when it arrived at the house, the occupant had managed to put the fire out.

It turned out a spark had ignited some curtains in an attic.

In a separate story, tribute was paid to a loyal Yorkshire terrier, who paid the ultimate price while alerting a sleeping family to the fact their house was on fire.

The small terrier dog saved the lives of seven at the house in Newton Hill, Wakefield, by barking at 2am, which woke the occupants, whom, finding the house well ablaze, only had time to clamber out an upstairs window to safety and were so forced to leave the dog, which was later found dead in the kitchen.

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