Leeds nostalgia: Film shows old snow scene from 1950s...

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This week’s featured film clip, available to view in full on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, is a whimsical short film which uses stop motion animation to create a winter wonderland fantasy using miniature figurines on a snowy model landscape.

The famous Christmas song, Winter Wonderland, accompanies the film.

The film opens with the title Winter Wonderland Fantasy. Each of the characters moves around the set and act out the scenes as described by the song, including building a snowman.

This portion of the film closes with an end title.

At the end, the winter landscape set is shown in a studio. The filmmaker’s wife and children gather around.

The woman is holding a cup of tea, and as she places it by the set, she spoons a cup of ‘snow’ into her tea. It appears that the entire set is made of sugar, including the snowman which she eats. The film closes with the title – Definately the End.

The YFA is a charity based in York which specialises in collecting and preserving old film stock. It has over 50,000 hours of footage, most of which has never been seen before, having been made by amateur filmmakers.