Leeds nostalgia: film shows Leeds medical school students

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This week’s film link is of a film made by the Audio Visual Department at Leeds University as a visual prospectus for potential undergraduates for the Medical School.

The film uses sequences from a student’s academic life, interviews with current scholars, and a commentary to explain what this course and university have to offer and how the students have interacted with university life.

The film opens with a close up of one of the male students singing in a ‘revue style’ performance on stage. It is a comical song referring to the job of a medic and the things which they encounter, and the song is performed to the melody of The Sound of Music song These Are a Few of My Favourite Things. There is also a sign advertising the night: Medics Concert Wednesday 25th March 7:30-1:00am Bar Extensions to 12:00am Tickets £7.

Student doctors are shown in a delivery room, and the voiceover is from a biology lecture.

The next scene features a game of rugby, and when a player is injured, a medic runs out onto the field.

Courtesy of the Yorkshire Film Archive. See the full clip by logging onto: www.tinyurl.com/k5zgsxv|Click here to see the clip|Click this