Leeds nostalgia: Film show statue theft plot

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This week’s featured film clip, available to view on the Yorkshire Film Archive website, is a piece of fictional drama made by the Leeds cine group Mercury Movie Makers, directed by Alan Sidi and distributed with help from the Yorkshire Arts Association.

The films boasts a spectacular pyrotechnic display during the climactic sequence. The opening shots in this film show several film camera’s being adjusted and moved. At night, a white Mercedes is perused by a white triumph through various urban streets in Leeds.

A rock soundtrack builds as the cutting between the two cars gets progressively faster.

An exterior shot shows a row terraced housing and on the soundtrack, a radio exert contains a snippet from Alan Freedman’s Saturday show, which is broadcast from BBC London. In a bare kitchen decorated with only nude pictures of women, two working class men sit at a table. Mick, wearing a flat cap plays cards with an erotically themed deck, while Leftie eats a sandwich and reads the Daily Mirror. The two men discuss a news article which relates to an art exhibition taking part in Ryestead and plot to steal one of the statues on display, which they later attempt.

Leeds, 25th May 1988''Schofields.''Schofields offer the finest skincare and perfumery from the Christian Dior collection.

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