Leeds nostalgia: Film follows fate of village homes

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This week’s film clip, courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive, is a documentary addressing the changes taking place in the small village of Berry Brow, located in Huddersfield.

The village is amidst a huge change where the traditional terraced houses are being knocked down to make way for the tower blocks of the future, creating the “new” Berry Brow.

The film opens showing the old railway station, and the railway tracks go off into the distance. The film continues onto the station’s waiting room revealing the dull, derelict nature of the place. Evocative sounds of a ghost train accompany these images.

As the film continues, there is footage which shows the picturesque village, its winding roads, and the little terraced stone cottages. The village is situated in between rolling hills which can be seen in the background.

The documentary continues onto show Salem Terrace and the large Methodist Church that has been left in ruin. Broken windows and the crumbling brickwork can be seen. Accompanying these images is a voiceover provided by a woman who lived in the village. Visit out website to see a link to the clip.

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