Leeds nostalgia: film clip shows dance through the ages

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Steps in Time is a collection of eight films made through the Renaissance Partnership Initiative to create a contemporary filmed history of the story of dance in Leeds.

Made in collaboration with Leeds Museums, Mojo Media, and the Yorkshire Film Archive, this project follows the inspiring, heart-felt, true story of dance through the eyes of the people who dance to live and live to dance.

The film has some fascinating moments.

It tells the story of Alan who is practicing line dancing for an annual event at Leeds University as part of the Yorkshire Playhouse’s “Beautiful Octopus” project.

In the clip, courtesy of the Yorkshire Film Archive - tinyurl.com/mqabg7z - Alan is at the front and is wearing a black shirt with orange logo.

He is in a group of people who are learning to line dance.

Some of the dancers are wearing cowboy hats. Following the instructors directions, they move from side to side, clapping their hands in the air in time with the music.

One of the women explains that Alan is the type of person who is keen to take part in anything from drama school to dance school. He’s always the first there.

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