Leeds nostalgia: film clip showcases ‘T’Batley Faust’

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This week’s film clip comes courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive.

This is a humorous, animated film about a mean-spirited industrial tycoon who sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for his lost youth. It is a version of the Faust legend set in Batley, Yorkshire. The film was made by Tony Hall and others at Leeds University and was also based on a story by William Beaumont, a local writer now deceased.

The film opens with a hand drawing on a blank piece of paper followed by title and credits.

‘T ‘Batley Faust’, ‘From a Poem by William Beaumont © Barbara Beaumont’ ‘With the voices of Peter J Connor, Pete Waddington, Graeme Miller, John Davies, Ron Blass, and with the help of John Murray, Alana Haigh, Chris Jowett. Executive Producer Martin Bonham Producer Trevor Faulkner Workshop Theatre, University of Leeds’ ‘Character graphics Graeme Miller Director Tony Hall’ ‘Batley, 1928’

The story begins with bags being loaded from a line of horse drawn wagons onto a long truck. This truck then joins a line of similar trucks which speed through an industrial landscape. See more at: tinyurl.com/pzz8y2m