Leeds nostalgia: Film chronicles declined of old crafts

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THe decline of old crafts is the subject of this week’s preview from the Yorkshire Film Archive, the clip is available to view from their website.

From the Eric Hall Collection, this is a documentary type film marking the passing of old crafts. The film gives examples of several old crafts, including processing wool, lacemaking, stonemasonry, dry stone walling and the woodcraft of Robert (Mousey) Thompson.

The film opens with building workers digging a hole for the foundations of a new house, using shovels and wheelbarrows.

Earth is being moved by a large mechanical digger and placed directly into a lorry, and workmen are using pneumatic drills on a road. A scientist carries out various tests in a laboratory, mixing chemicals.

A fisherman repairs his net on a dock.

Craftsman Richard, master woodcarve, stands in his garden rubbing his hands, and then we see one of his famous mouse carvings. One of his younger workmen chisels a chair leg, and some examples of other wooden carvings are shown. Another workman carves the signature mouse on a piece of furniture.

- See more at: http://tinyurl.com/pbeuhk4