Leeds nostalgia: Does anyone remember Batley’s Seven Hills?

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As an irregular contributor to the YEP’s nostalgia letters pages over the years (I remember the old Yorkshire Diary, which has since ceased publication), I am constantly fascinated by our rich history.

However, I grew up in neighbouring Batley, near Birstall, which is sometimes claimed as being part of Leeds, although this in my view is wrong.

I wanted to ask whether anyone else remembers growing up in that area and in particular whether they recall some scrubland, which we called ‘The Seven Hills’. There was a set of craters, or so it seemed and there were hundreds of buttons and old pennies all over the place.

I’ve heard before about old war uniforms being ploughed into the ground, so maybe this had something to do with it.

As children, we used to ride out bikes up and down these hollows and also make dens in the surrounding trees. I think much of it has now been built upon but I still have fond memories of playing there as a child. It was also a useful cut-through to Carter’s Fields, which in turn provided a quicker route to Healey.

Duncan Huddleston, Leeds


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