Leeds nostalgia: Documentary covers Humber estuary

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This week’s film clip, courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive, a is a ocumentary made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden which chronicles the places, activities, and life around the Humber estuary.

The film includes lengthy intertitles that explain some of the important facts about the areas in which they filmed.



The film opens with a map of the East Riding. It is followed by the intertitles: one of the major shipping lanes in England is the River Humber. Spurn Point is connected by a peninsula which is constantly threatened by erosion and is the nerve centre. Though serviced now by a road the remains of the old railway line are still visible.

The lifeboat station, lighthouse and the coastguard station, where all shipping entering or leaving the Humber is logged keep a constant watch. Lately a sea rescue helicopter service doing a regular patrol has been instituted. The army still preserves the installations erected during the last war.

There is a small road that goes along Spurn Point. The car drives the entire length of the road to the lighthouse at the end. Along the way, there is a sign that reads ‘Danger Minefield Keep Out or Be Killed’.

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