Leeds nostalgia: Children’s Day remembered in film

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This week’s film focus is based on a clip of Children’s Day at Roundhay Park in Leeds in 1951. It shows an extremely impressive display of choreographed dancing and synchronised exercises by the boys and girls.

The film opens at Roundhay Park in Leeds and shows a little boy in a policeman’s uniform.

A large crowd of people that have gathered for the event can be seen in the background. A procession for the crowning of the Children’s Day Queen walks onto the field led by the Lord Mayor and other dignitaries.

The Children’s Day Queen is shown surrounded by young children dressed as courtiers and a small boy who walks in front of her carries the crown on a velvet cushion. The party then walk onto a stage and she is crowned by the Lord Mayoress.

In a section called ‘Silver Spoons for Healthy Babies’, a line of mothers and babies wait to receive their spoons from the Mayoress. The spoons are lined up on a table and she hands out each one, a large crowd watch.

Boys and girls take part in sprint races and hurdles and there is a boy’s tug-of-war.

Compiled in association with Yorkshire Film Archive. To view the full clip: tinyurl.com/pwlagbj