Leeds nostalgia: Chef attacks Leeds man with rolling pin in August 1947

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Wind the clock back 70 years and it was Friday, August 22, 1947 and the YEP carried a report of a court case in which a Greek chef, one Kyriacos Patsalos, 52, attacked one of his customers (George Ernest Buxton) with a rolling pin.

Mr Buxton had apparently complained about the food, which brought Patsalos out of the kitchen in a rage - he promptly cracked him on the head with the rolling pin and proceeded to turf him out of the building. He pleaded guilty but the report does not say what sentence was passed.

On the same page, a disturbing report of animal cruelty and one Stanley Lumley, 30, a bus driver from Milton Street, Wombwell, Manchester, who was in court in Barnsley and fined £2 after being found guilty of ill-treating his cross-bread terrier, which he paid two boys to kill. The boys tied a stone around its neck and threw it in a canal but the dog escaped, so they tied a brick around and threw it in again but somehow it managed to get out and find its way home.

As if that wasn’t enough woe, another story relates the sad episode in which a man lost his wife and child, while travelling home from Scotland, where they had been on holiday.

George Wigham, 40, an aircraft fitter from Western Terrace, Haxby, near York, was said to be recovering in hospital after losing both his daughter, Maureen, two and wife, HElen, 43.

They died after the motorcycle he was riding crashed, because the front fork link snapped. An inquest heard the joint had been repaired only days earlier, having snapped previously and the family were returning to Leeds in a bid to get home and then get the bike properly seen to.

Verdicts of accidental death were recorded. We shall hope for happier news next week.