Leeds nostalgia: Bryan’s fish and chip shop back in the day

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This week’s film clip, courtesy of Yorkshire Film Archive, is a documentary made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, this film features Bryan’s Fish and Chip shop located in Headingley, Leeds.

This film includes footage of the local shop and Lowestoft Harbour where the fish is processed before reaching the shop.

Entitled ‘Frying Tonight’, the film opens at Bryan’s fish and chip shop, where Bryan is mixing up the batter. He dips the fish into the batter before the fish is placed into the fryer.

Next, he places peeled potatoes into a chipping machine. A sign in the shop states: ‘We are now frying Best North Sea Cod 1/6 per portion.’ Bryan takes the cooked fish out of the fryer and then places it in a heated compartment to keep the fish warm. A smartly dressed boy comes into the shop and is served fish and chips which have been wrapped up to take away. In the meantime, a long queue has formed behind him. Another customer unwraps his fish and chips and eats it with his fingers.

Another section of the film shows Lowestoft Harbour, where the fish are landed.

To view the full film clip, see the Yorkshire Evening Post website.

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