Leeds nostalgia: Bramley’s carnival queen from 1948

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On this day 70 years ago, 15-year-old June Fenn was crowned Rose Queen at Bramley Carnival, which was said to be the oldest in the north of England. The carnival/festival was re-started a few years ago.

In other news two Leeds men were injured and a third had a lucky escape after scaffolding collapsed outside a three-storey building in Park Square.

The men fell 30 feet to the ground. The other managed to fling his arms out and catch hold of a narrow window ledge, where he hung until he was able to haul himself inside the building.

The two injured men were taken to Leeds General Infirmary. One, Alan Teague, 25, of Stonegate Avenue, was sent home after treatment for a hand injury. It was expected that the other Arthur Thackray, of Churchfield Place, would be discharged later.

Teague told reporter that as he fell he tried to grasp a fallpipe but his hands slipped off it and so he was unable to stop his fall. The report added: “He weighs over 13 stone and cracked the paving slab onto which he fell.”

Another story was headlined ‘Halt the Red Advance Now’ and related how Field Marshall SMuts, installed chancellor of Cambridge University, warned that Soviet Communism, “intoxicated with success, was directing a sustained, ruthless, aggressive advance against an exhausted, war-weary, disappointed West.”

He railed: “The hour has struck to call a halt to this Fifth Column in its advance to the West.”

And finally, where else would you get to try your hand at a 70-year-old crossword, other than these very pages? The prizes of a guinea and four half guineas will not be paid but we will still be interested to see if anyone completes it.