Leeds nostalgia: Boar Lane trams v buses in 1947

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This week’s ‘blended picture’ shows a view along Boar Lane in Leeds city centre.

The original black and white photograph (bottom) was take in 1947 and shows a number of trams travelling along the thoroughfare, while the more modern picture appears on the top and shows just what a difference 70 years has made.



It’s not just the people and modes of transport which have changed but some of the buildings too. Notice the dome of the building on the corner of Bishopgate Street and Boar Lane, which, in 1947 was tiled, whereas today it sports bright green lead. Some alterations have also been added to the buildings which run down Boar Lane on the right of the picture, where it looks as though an extension has been added to the top floor.

Back in 1947, it looks very much as though tram travel was holding its own against bus travel.

One of the problems with blending our archive pictures with their modern equivalents, as relayed by one of our photographers, appears to be the difference in technology, in that old film-based cameras had a tendency to make objects in the background look a lot closer than they actually were. So, it can often be the case that even though the photographer comes to stand in precisely the same spot and manages to align the buildings in the foreground, no matter how hard they try, those in the background will look further away when using modern digital cameras.

Still, despite this technological incompatibility, it’s still possible to gain at least some idea of how our city is constantly changing in some ways and yet remaining pretty much the same in others. It’s fair to say your average hat wearing civvie from the post-war era would probably still recognise much of Boar Lane, which has changed very little in the intervening seven decades.