Leeds nostalgia: Award winning Leeds graduates are hoping to raise enough money through crowd-funding to make historical war film

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Leeds film school graduates are looking to raise £60,000 via the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to shoot their first feature film, a Second World War movie which follows four young soldiers before and during the D-Day landings. The film makers, who all studied at the Northern Film School are based in Leeds and the film, called On Sword Beach, is set to be shot in and around the city next year.

Writer/director Oliver Murray, whose most recent film The Third Man (2013) won an award at the Manchester International Short Film Festival, explained: “On Sword Beach is a coming of age drama following four young soldiers during the war as they travel across the remote Yorkshire countryside in pursuit of a fellow soldier wanted for murder. What begins as a simple and idealistic mission for the four friends soon takes a much darker turn as they are faced with the complex morals of wartime and a killer whose Nazi-sympathies are far more cruel than they had ever imagined.

“This first mission quickly serves to mirror their purpose as British soldiers, something which is always at the forefront of their minds; the imminently approaching D-Day landings, when our four friends along with thousands more ultimately land together on Sword Beach and are tasked with liberating Western Europe.

“Our four friends in the film comprise of: Harry (a young Eric Morecambe type comedian), Ted (the oldest and the leader of the four), Ron ‘Clark’ Gable (a red faced angry lad with a pencil moustache stolen from the film star) and finally Jim Jones (slow-witted, but mild mannered and a decent lad).

The filmmakers behind the On Sword Beach, whose team also includes an award winning cinematographer and assistant director, are on a mission to spread the word of their project right across the country. The film has already garnered over 5,000 likes on facebook.

The filmmakers are looking to raise £60,000 with an online fundraising campaign on the website Kickstarter.com. Watch the trailer at www.onswordbeach.com or visit Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1144964228/on-sword-beach

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