Leeds nostalgia: 1973 court case: Yorkshire father ‘let off’ after hitting ‘stop out’ daughter, 20

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How attitudes have changed. Here’s a transcript of an article about a court case involving a father who hit his daughter for staying out too late. It appeared in the pages of the YEP on Tuesday July 31 (p3), under the headline ‘When a father hit his daughter’. It reads:-

Parents could not box their children’s ears without running the danger of being brought to court, protested a solicitor. Mr George Towell, representing a father who hit his 20-year-old daughter for staying out all night, said: “In our anxiety to stamp out violence, I think we have gone too far.”

While the daughter [who is named] was legally an adult and could stay out all night if she wanted, he doubted if she had the moral right as a member of a family.

He said: “There is no form of correction these days - even a schoolmaster or a father cannot box the children’s ears without running a danger in court.”

The father, 48, from Altofts, pleaded guilty to wounding his daughter but was given an absolute discharge.

Maurice Shaffner, prosecuting, said there was an argument after which the father hit her, cutting her above the eye.

Towell, representing the father, added: “It is a pity a man from a family such as his should suffer the indignity of being hauled before a Bench.”