Leeds nostalgia: &0 years ago today (June 3): India Partition agreed and Leeds girl survives 15ft ’sleepwalk’ fall

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The fate of India was sealed 70 years ago today after rulers agreed to a British plan to divide the country in two, with separate parts for Hindu and Muslim majority areas.

The story made the front page of the YEP on June 3, 1947, the report reading: “Indian leaders accepted the Hundustan-Pakistan plan at a 90-minute conference with the Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten, at New Deli, today.”

Prime Minister Clement Attlee informed members of the House of Commons of the plans, while Lord Mountbatten did the same for leaders in India. Mr Attlee said an interim government would remain in place for about two months, until the necessary laws had been passed in the Commons.

Meanwhile, a few days later, the YEP carried the remarkable story of Leeds girl Joan Beverley, 13, who tumbled 15ft from her bedroom window while sleep walking.

The teenager landed on the asphalt pavement but managed to escape the incident without major injury. In fact, she suffered nothing more than a sprained wrist and was discharged from hospital after a brief visit.

The girl’s mother, Mrs W Beverley, of Penraevon Place, Meanwood Road, said: “I heard a thud and as I was getting out of bed I heard my daughter calling for her sister, Eileen. I found Joan on the pavement.

“She appeared to be dazed and told me her feet hurt. When I told her she had fallen from the bedroom window, she didn’t believe me.”

Joan told her mother she had been dreaming and in her dream she had climbed out of a window.

Finally, MPs were involved in a security incident after a number of them were sent letter bombs, one of which was delivered via the London office of the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post.