“Foolish” ones did their shopping in comfort

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From the Yorkshire Post Christmas Eve 1953

All the “ foolish “ people who had left their Christmas buying until the last minute were able to do it in comparative comfort in Leeds yesterday—the quietest day of the last two weeks.

They were able to do their shopping quickly, and found unharassed shop assistants in patient and helpful mood.

There was still plenty to choose from, and although the present-seekers may have missed the early bargains they were able to be particular over their choice.

Men shoppers were the majority at lunch-time, buying presents for their womenfolk, and usually safeguarding themselves with the request: “I suppose she can change it if she doesn’t like it”.

There was no window gazing for the men. They went straight into the shop and came straight out spending the minimum amount of time in the florists, the lingerie departments, and the perfume counters.

“Husbands seem better informed nowadays,” said one lingerie department assistant. “They know the size and colour they want and they are fairly easily persuaded about the style. We do not get many garments returned.”

Street traders did brisk trade with balloons, chocolate animals and mistletoe. In the Market, apples, oranges and tangerines were being sold as fast as the assistants could wrap them.

Most of the turkeys that left the Game Row were large and shoppers today will be lucky get one but there will be plenty of geese, chickens and ducks.

They got a free chicken from the milkman

The winner of £75,000 In a football pool Mr. Ernest Taylor, of Wales, near Sheffield, yesterday made two deliveries on his milk round.

The first was the milk. The second provided each of his 240 customers with a present of a chicken for their Christmas dinner.

Mr. Taylor refused to disclose how much the 240 chickens had cost him. “I wanted my customers to have a share in my win. It is Christmas.” he said.

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