Yorkshire nostalgia: The stray cat who lost an eye and ended up earning £1.60 a week from British Rail

February 4, 1976: Battling Thomas, Mirfield Station’s official cat, gets a meal from leading railwayman Nigel Stead after a successful drive to raise cash to pay his vet’s bill.


Retro gallery: 19 Leeds pubs which are gone but not forgotten

Pubs have been at the heart of communities in Leeds for years.

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CORTINA MK IV of 1977 with its ancestors

Leeds nostalgia: Prolific car thief from 1976 ‘preferred Cortinas’... and reveals most were unlocked with keys in

It was not unusual in 1976 to leave your car unlocked and the keys inside. After all, at least you knew where everything was.

Leeds cinemas.  The rex, February 1976.

Leeds nostalgia: Cinema bosses blame television for suburban picture house closures

Two Leeds cinemas were forced to close this month - The Clock at Harehills and the Rex in Dewsbury Road. Managers from both blamed television for the closures.

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Leeds, 3rd February 1976''West Leeds Girls High School.''The "no trousers" row continued today at West Leeds Girls High School and girls who turned up in trousers expected to be asked to change at school.''Wearing trousers in our picture are (from left) Deborah Woollin, Annett Bransberg and Dawn Kearsley.''In the skirt is Lorraine Bransberg.

Leeds nostalgia: Brave girls who defied ‘trouser ban’ in 1976.

Students from West Leeds Girls High School made a protest over rules which prevented them wearing trousers, despite cold weather.


Leeds nostalgia: Battle to save Lidgett Park Road trees

Plans to chop down 47 trees on Lidgett Park Road in Roundhay led to the intervention of a government minister.

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 2 2006 COD WARS'The Icelandic gunboat Thor harasses a British frigate during the Cod War in 1976. Picture: Courtesy Hull Maritime Museum

Leeds nostalgia: Remembering the Cod Wars of 1976...

The so-called Cod Wars, whose origins can be traced back to the 15th Century (even though the term was not coined until 1958), were slowly reaching a conclusion.


Gallery: 19 pictures you’ll only understand if you’re from Leeds

There are many great things about being a Loiner that those born elsewhere will never understand.


Leeds nostalgia: Lloyds Black Horse statue causes a stir

The Lloyds Bank sculpture of a black horse was put up amid a flurry of controversy.

Albert Johanneson former  Leeds united player

Leeds nostalgia: Story of football’s first black star...

Albert Johanneson, pictured, was described as a “fallen soccer idol” in an interview in the YEP where he admitted he was penniless and desperately in need of a job.


Retro photo gallery: Leeds Kirkgate Market back in the day

Kirkgate is the largest covered market in Europe and is nothing short of a Leeds institution.

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Council plans unveiled in 1975 included opening up a subway from the Merrion Centre to The Headrow.

Leeds nostalgia: Subway link plan for the city centre

Leeds City Council was monitoring the new no traffic zone on The Headrow and said it wanted to extend the new pedestrian zone and create a new precinct linking The Headrow with the Merrion Centre.

Leeds nostalgia: Why Luddism is as relevant today as it was 200 years ago

Leeds nostalgia: Why Luddism is as relevant today as it was 200 years ago

It is 200 years since the Luddites rose up in protest at what they saw as machines taking their jobs and although we have perhaps become used to the phenomenon, the sentiment remains an entirely understandable one.


Retro Leeds: Meanwood back in the day

Check out these old photos of Meanwood from a bygone era.

Leeds nostalgia: Giant leap in technology as YEP receives its first ‘telephotoed’ picture... and the Leeds triplets born in 1948

Leeds nostalgia: Giant leap in technology as YEP receives its first ‘telephotoed’ picture... and the Leeds triplets born in 1948

This week in 1948, a technological leap was made, albeit quietly. While we may be used to being able to simply send pictures across the ether today, 70 years ago such a thing was almost the stuff of magic.

Crossgates 24th June 1970''Shoppers at Crossgates.

Leeds nostalgia: Cross Gates through history... from the 1970s to today

A carpet shop, a coin-operated dry cleaners and a branch of Craven Dairies were just some of the shops gracing Cross Gates main road back in June 1970.


Nostalgia: The year the law caught up with Ronnie Briggs... only to see him slip through their fingers

It might not be the most auspicious of anniversaries but February 1974 - 44 years ago this year - saw a significant step forward in the hunt for one of the UK’s most notorious fugitives.

PAST AND PRESENT: York Road shown (above) in 1970 and more recently (below).

Leeds nostalgia: York Road in 1970... and now

One of these pictures was taken on January 20, 1970, whereas the other was taken around the same date this year, a gap of 48 years and yet the view does not look that much different.

Leeds, 28th February 1974''1974 General Election.''Leeds Town Hall

Leeds nostalgia: ‘Snap’ General Election of 1974 that still echoes today...

The snap General Election of February 1974 ended with the UK’s first Hung Parliament since 1929 and the result dealt a mortal blow to Tory leader Edward Heath’s premiership. He had expected a landslide but in the end Labour polled 301 seats to their 297.

Leeds, 13th February 1974''Nine four week old alsatian pups, born in the garden of an empty house in Cowper Street, Chapeltown Road, Leeds, are being cared for by the R. S. P. C. A.''They are seen here being tended by kennel maid Marion Sarchfield.''Their mother, an Alsatian stray, has roamed the area for months, but all R. S. P. C. A. attempts to capture her have failed.

Leeds nostalgia: Pups born in 1974 given a fighting chance...

Pictured in Leeds on February 13, 1974, are several puppies just starting out in life and were it not for the kindness of the people of Leeds, their fate might have been very different.

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