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ARE you stuck in money habits, not all of them good?

Here’s a preview of my Harmoney Facebook Campaign – The Shake it up Money Challenge. challenging you to stir it up around money. It is Bonfire Night tomorrow after all, so create a few sparks of your own around money. First of all breaking habits involves connecting three things. What you do, what you think and what you feel. They all need to be working together and you need to be aware of them. Habits are things you do without thinking and they just feel so normal and natural.

So to shake it up, and get the grey cells working and raise the emotions a bit, take the challenge.

Try something different.

If you always use your cards why not try using cash only for a week.

If you find it hard to spend on yourself treat yourself to something.

Choose something you want to try this week that’s different and do it.

You’re not being asked to do this for ever. Try it on for size like you would a new pair of shoes.

Then ask yourself the questions: What did I do? what did I think? what did I feel and what did I learn about me and my money?

So go on, I dare you, shake it up a bit! Take the Shake it up Money Challenge now and use Facebook to let me know how you get on.

>Leeds-based Helen Collier is one of only two coaches in the UK trained with the Money Coaching Institute in California. She helps people who are often embarrassed and ashamed about how they’ve handled money to create a financial life they can be proud of.


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