Meet Leeds Family of the Week The Stringers

Ross Stringer with husband Martin and their son Colm, who turns three in July.
Ross Stringer with husband Martin and their son Colm, who turns three in July.
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If your world revolves around your family, we want to know. This week we hear from Ross Stringer, owner of Out of the Woods and her husband Martin, a printer at OPM Packaging, Leeds. They live in Wortley with their son Colm, who will be three in July.

Top tips for getting children to do what you ask?

We have just introduced a star chart for Colm to encourage him to do various tasks (brush teeth, go to bed on time, use the potty). We look at the chart at the end of the week and the reward he receives is dependent on the number of stars he has earned.

Family task that takes the longest?

Bedtime! Persuading him to go for a bath, doing the bath, brushing teeth, then pyjamas on and stories – nine or 10 if he had his way!

How has he surprised you?

He never forgets anything! He remembers the most random things. Eg: that he left a train in a trolley at B&Q, that we went to a random place to buy some vinyl on Record Store Day and he can recall the house numbers of all our friends – even ones that we don’t know.

Funniest thing he has said?

After a big football match and night out Martin stayed at a friend’s. The next morning I told Colm Daddy had been a dirty stop out. When Martin came back, Colm said “Daddy, you’re a dirty bus stop”!

What really gets your goat?

Littering. And parents sitting oblivious at soft play areas while their children run riot.

Favourite family day out?

A nice walk in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with a picnic lunch, and a visit to Billy Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour at Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm.

Hardest thing about being a parent?

Trying to teach the difference between right and wrong, and explaining the need for good behaviour when he sees other children behaving differently.

Most treasured memory?

Being able to spend three weeks backpacking in Thailand as a family last November.

Colm’s favourite meal?

He enjoys food from other countries, even chicken tikka balti. But his favourite is probably sausage and mash.

Top penny pinching tips

Home made gifts and cards. It encourages imagination and creativity and is always greatly received.

Colm’s essential item?

His Bunny, we lost the original version a few weeks ago but luckily he has accepted a replacement.

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