#Leedsrecommends: School holiday ideas, coffee and Giles Coren

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Suggestions on how to keep kids entertained during the school holidays along with places for coffee and Giles Coren have dominated the #leedsrecommends agenda. Harneet Bhullar reports.

@JuliaMalloch. Lots of free fun for all at Leeds Libraries! @leedslibraries #LibFestLeeds

Armley LC. #swimming #staytheday #arts&crafts #badminton #smashup @BADMINTONEnglnd @racketheads

@buttons_morley. Here at Buttons of course! #morley #softplay

@tennerjim. Bowling alley or cinema.

Suggestions for the best places to enjoy coffee in the city have also continued to flood in to #leedsrecommends:

@simonhall1974. At home with my wife and son, why? because no one else has what I have and I love em #Leeds

@Shirtie1985. My favourite is @LaynesEspresso - best tasting coffee, great atmosphere and fantastic cakes/posh sarnies. Love it.

@reallynicefood. has to be @Mrsathasleeds relaxed atmosphere, amazing coffee, quirky tables and warm and friendly staff.

@CarlInLeeds. the coffee is lovley at @The_Greedy_Pig

@ReconFestival. @LaynesEspresso - independent, ethical & they know their coffee better than anyone else.

@jsmallwood22. best coffee in Leeds has to be @Mrsathasleeds #genuinecaffienehit

Jane EM Shaw. 2 Oxford Place, fantastic food and all gluten free.

Nathan Medley. My favorite is the rather unpretentious and slightly retro Olympic Cafe on Vicar Lane, it is an honest establishment, what you see is what you get, run by a respectable family who are always polite to their customers. It is the first cafe in Leeds City I remember visiting at age 7 with my dad (I’m now 24) and have recommended it always.

Peter Archer. I like the Lemon Tree in Leeds market.

And food critic Giles Coren critising food in Leeds prompted #leedsrecommends readers to make their own suggestions as to where he should eat out:

Pamela Davey. Browns on The Headrow is the best meal I’ve had in a long while.

Richard McHugh. McDonald’s on Briggate.

Wendy Reed. The Crafthouse, Kendells, Sous Le Nez.

Nathan Medley. There are lots of decent restaurants to go to in Leeds, there are many bad ones too.

Emma Louise. Pinnock, Gaucho, Crafthouse... just a couple there!

Jonathan Roberton. Fazenda. Bibis. Craft house. Agraa. Kendells bistro. 
Blackhouse. Gaucho. Chaophraya. Sukhothai. Sous Le Nez.

Phillip Crane. Does the ‘Magic Box’ still exist? If not does anyone else remember it?

Sue Elizibeth. I think I remember the Magic Box. Thought was ok. Remember got drinks with ice lumps in. Refreshing after trip to swimming baths.

Cheryl Dockerty. Never heard of him so his opinion isn’t important. He obviously hasn’t been to the right places. Like anywhere there are not so good places and then there are amazing places. So shows he knows nothing!

Ken Spink. Who is this fella , never heard his name before. Like all these so called chefs, so arrogant about how good they are, don’t they know everyone cooks their own food to the satisfaction of their families. He might be able to cook but he can’t do my job.

Vicky Roberts. What an idiot. Did he eat in every restaurant on the city before his comments? Doubtful. There are some lovely places to eat.