Leeds recommends: Parks and green spaces

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This week we asked the #Leedsrecommends community to name their favourite park or green space in the Leeds region as summer approaches and families prepare to spend more time outdoors.

Kazia Knight. Sandringham Park in Wetherby, a Green Flag Award-winning park that is lovely and great for families or people on their own. It has a children’s play area and adult gym equipment and won silver gilt in Yorkshire in Bloom, and has Fields in Trust status.

Vanessa Murphy. Otley Chevin - it’s stunning.

Jimmy Yorkshire. Golden Acre Park.

Winston Solicitors LLP. Roundhay Park of course. Has something for everyone. Children’s play area, skate park, Tropical World Leeds, Alhambra Garden, cafes, tennis, bowling green, land train, pub, ice cream...the list goes on.

Best of Yorkshire. Otley Chevin - great walks and fantastic views, remote but so near to civilisation.

Oliver Hack. A bit further out but the park in Saltaire, Roberts Park, has a lot of heritage and is really lovely since it was restored. It’s next to the Aire and there’s a nice cafe in the old pavilion and lots for children to do. A lot of the park buildings are listed and really beautiful.

Jane Kenwright. Temple Newsam Park is great for dog walking - there’s so much space and it’s a beautiful place. The Parkrun there is also excellent and a real asset to the park.

Michael Smyth. Roundhay Park isn’t just one of the best parks in Leeds, it’s one of the best in the country and maybe even Europe. The size of the place is incredible really and there’s such a variety of things to do there. The history of it is really interesting and it’s accessible to people from all over Leeds, not just those living in the expensive housing nearby.

Liz Beck. Potternewton Park is often overlooked but it’s special because of its history of hosting the carnival. It really comes alive then, but throughout the year it’s improved vastly and is now much more pleasant, welcoming and safe for families.

Jenny Leeson. Chapel Allerton has a small park of its own which people don’t go to as often because it’s not far from Roundhay. Although most of it is on a hill, the flat area has tennis courts which are open to the public for free and a bowling green. There’s play equipment for children and goal-posts, and the steep terrain makes it popular for runners doing hill training! Also very good for dog walking.

Donald Lichen. The Norma Hutchinson Park in Chapeltown is more of a recreation ground than a landscaped park, but it is a really popular spot for all ages and a heart of the community. It has good sports facilities and a lot of space for children to play, and because it’s overlooked by so many houses many parents can keep an eye on their kids.

Tom James. Potternewton Park, it’s a good size and has a lot of facilities, like tennis courts and the skate park, plus the giant chess set which is a novelty! It has had problems with crime in the past but is much safer now and most people are happy to visit.

Fiona Granger. Roundhay is a great park, a real jewel in the city’s crown. It’s got something for all age groups and in nice weather it’s a hive of activity. I’ve heard there was an outdoor swimming pool there until the 80s and it’s a shame there isn’t one still there today, as they’ve made a bit of a comeback!

Luke Alefoia. I live in Dewsbury and love Crow Nest Park - it’s very well cared-for.