Leeds recommends: Christmas markets

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With Christmas around the corner, we asked the #Leedsrecommends community to suggest their favourite festive markets in the UK and Europe.

Muriel Rogers. Cologne. Definitely not Leeds!

Jake Kenworthy. Manchester

Anne Waring. Cologne has stunning markets.

Linda Otley. Lincoln

Simon Clegg. Leeds

John Weddell. Vienna... it’s in a different class.

Lee Greaves. Edinburgh.

Katey Thomson. Norwich

John Harvey. Any in Germany. Bratties, yummy.

Nigel David Cooke. Lincoln

Maria Michelle Varley. The German Market in Leeds.

Tony Watson. Nuremberg

Tracy Cunningham. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London

Geraldine Senior. Hyde Park, London

Gemma Hart. Stuttgart

Elaine Varley. Birmingham

Jean Lee. Leeds and Cape Town

Andy Wilkes. Belfast.

Ryan Thomas. Wenceslas Square in Prague

Pauline Stevenson. Cologne

Nicola Jayne Wall. Vienna without a doubt!

Michael Canny. For sheer diversity, Hamburg is hard to beat. In this historic port, 15 different markets cater to all tastes. Traditionalists head for the square in front of the grandiose city hall, where the rows of stalls are themed, from sweet treats (cakes, chocolates and more) to crafts (leather, silver, tree ornaments). Children are entranced by the Spielzeuggasse, the Toy Street, which is full of playthings from around the world. Romantics opt 
for the Jungfernstieg market, whose focus is on posh food and gifts; while crowd-avoiders 
choose the smaller Fleetinsel market by the water, where fairy lights twinkle on antique sailing boats. Strictly for over-18s is the risqué Santa Pauli market on the X-rated Reeperbahn.

Dave Nicholls. The Dutch/German border – beautiful Christmas trees all down the street.

Emma Jane Heseltine. Dusseldorf.

Sharon Whitehouse. Prague.

Megan Gronau. Vienna! Without question.

Simon Harris. They are setting up for the one in Bruges but unfortunately returning to the UK as it opens. Although, they have a fantastic shop on the street nearby that sells traditional wooden items and cuckoo clocks called Käthe Wohlfahrt.

James Richard Steele. Koln hands down for abroad. It used to be Lincoln in the UK but that’s deteriorated in recent years. I love the one at Chatsworth House as the stalls are more unique and interesting and it’s not just continual copies.

Lynda Leyland. Not sure we can complete with Vienna, but Chatsworth is pretty good if the sun shines