Leeds recommends: Best place to go for UK family holiday

POPULAR: Northumberland is a popular choice for holidaymakers in the UK.
POPULAR: Northumberland is a popular choice for holidaymakers in the UK.
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We asked the people of Leeds to recommend the best place to go in the UK for a family holiday. Here’s what they suggested...

Martin Walker. Best places were long walks along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.

Tony O’Connor. Robin Hood’s Bay is paradise to us. We like to stay in one of the stunning hamlet’s near by. The people and the environment are amazing.

Amy Downes. Scarborough.

Eric Duffield. Skegness always it’s like a proper holiday should be.

Stephen Wilson. Lake District.

Daisy Heaton. Cornwall.

Peter Donovan. Penzance. A lovely part of the world.

Phoebe Richards. Always 
love going back to the Lake District.

Luke White. City breaks like London or Liverpool.

Ryan Hebblethwaite. London. Such an amazing city. Always loads to see and do.

Henry Smythe. Used to love going to the Scottish Highlands as a child - such beautiful surroundings up there.

Scott Charnock. Cornwall, Beautiful scenery. Some lovely walks to be had.

Andrea Clark. Northumberland.

Beth Robertson. The Cotswolds. Never tire of going back there and I never will. Love it!

Craig Black. Nowt wrong with holidaying in Yorkshire!

Brian Cooper. Love going to the seaside.

Felicity Allen. The kids loved going to Blackpool when they were younger.

Ian Hooper. Anywhere it’s sunny and warm!

Chris Roper. The Northum-berland coast wins for us every time.

David Owens. Blackpool.

Susan Cartwright. 

Valerie Bates. Edinburgh.

Maisie Williams. Bath.

Richard Fisher. Llandudno. Take a jacket cos it can be chilly but it is also very beautiful.

James Ormerod. Probably my favourite part of the country is Pembrokeshire - there is so much space on all of the beaches, and so many to choose from.

Jane Evans. We had a great holiday in Devon when our first two were small.

Justine Ashton. I love the Lake District, and so do my children.

Naomi Edwards. Northumberland. Has something for everyone.

Rachel Jones. Dorset. Had a lovely time there. Donkey rides on the beach. Lots to see and do in the area.

Evan Hughes. Devon.

Victoria Palmer. Scottish Highlands.

Deborah Goss. Cornwall.

Charlotte Barker. Devon. Always guaranteed a lovely time when you go there.